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Warranty - Terms & Conditions

The goods are warranted against defects arising from faulty designs, workmanship and materials for a period of 12 months from the date of installation or 15 months from the date of sale whichever is earlier, subject to the following conditions:

1. The Customer will notify the Company in writing promptly of any defects noticed and give the Company or its authorized agent adequate opportunity to inspect, test and remedy them for which the Customer will deposit the goods if so required by the Company, with the Company's Office/Service Centre along with the original invoice, in the city where they are sold.

2. The Inspection and Test Report of the Company's Office/Service Centre will be final and binding under the Warranty for determining defects, repairs/alterations required or carried out or certifying working of the goods thereafter.

3. Aquarism RO may require initial setting post-installation, depending on varying water conditions and power supply. In case of any service requirement post¬installation, please contact the Company's Service Centre.

4. The Company or its authorized agent will be entitled to retain any defective part replaced under the Warranty.

5. Not with standing anything to the contrary contained or implied by this Warranty:

(a) The Company's liability under this Warranty shall be limited to the first sale of the goods by the Company to the Customer and will not apply or extend to any secondary sale of goods by the Customer.

(b) The Company's liability under this Warranty shall be limited only to defects in the goods which occur under the conditions of normal operation of the goods and their proper and prescribed use. The Warranty does not cover or extend to defects which are determined by the Company or its authorized agents as occurring or resulting from or attributable to negligence, abuse, misuse, faulty care, operation or maintenance or repairs, alterations to the goods or any part thereof by others or the use of the goods on electrical supply for which they are not designed or damage caused by lightning or other electrical disturbances or interruptions.

(c) The Company's liability under this Warranty shall remain valid only if the goods are duly installed by the Company or its authorized agent at the location specified in the Invoice and such installation is undertaken by the Company or its authorized dealer or franchisee.

(d) Consumable items like the Sediment Cartridge, Activated Carbon and Membrane that are subject to normal wear and tear are not covered by this Warranty.

(e) The Customer will have no claim against the Company, its employees and its authorised agents or franchisees under or pursuant to this Warranty in respect of death or injury to the Customer or any other person or loss or damage to any property caused by or due to equipment failure, breakdown or accident, fire or operation or utilization of the goods otherwise than in accordance with the User Guide or by or due to any other cause or circumstances beyond the control of the Company, n The Company's liability under this Warranty shall in no event and under no circumstances exceed the price paid by the Customer to the Company for the goods stated in the Invoice.

GeneralFor the purpose of this Warranty, the following expressions shall have the following meanings respectively:

1. 'The Goods' shall mean the goods described in the Order Form.

2. 'The Customer' shall mean the original purchaser of the Goods from the Company.

3. 'The Company' shall mean "Aquarism RO System".

4. 'General Terms and Conditions' shall mean the terms and conditions agreed upon by the Customer and the Company printed on the Order Form.

5. 'lnvoice' shall mean the invoice issued by the Company to the Customer describing the goods and indicating, inter alia the total purchase price thereof and name of the Customer.

6. 'User Guide' shall mean the instructions for installation, use and maintenance contained in the leaflet supplied by the Company.

Post Warranty The Customer may be offered a yearly Service Contract at the prevailing Company rates and terms. In case the Customer does not wish to enter the Service Contract, he has the option of call the Company's Service Centre and having his Aquarism serviced on an actual basis i.e. by paying for labor cost and Spares needed to attend to that Service/Complaint call at the prevailing Company rates. Such service will be rendered by the Company in towns/places where the Company has its Service Centers.

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